Beyond Sausages are BEYOND Delicious!

A few days before we left for California, Beyond Meat announced that select restaurants in Los Angeles would be selling the new Beyond Sausages. We landed at LAX around 4, grabbed our rental car, and headed directly to WürstKuche.

The line of sausages include Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, and Bratwurst. They will be sold raw in the meat department, similar to the burgers. I spoke with the man working the counter and he said that his favorite was the hot italian. He found the others to be too mildly spiced. We also learned that they were serving the sausages on a non-vegan roll, so we ordered them without the bun. At this particular restaurant, you choose two toppings for each item. We selected sauerkraut and onion on the bratwurst and sautéed onions and peppers on the Italian varieties.

I know the photos aren't terribly flattering. If you want a better shot, check out the Beyond Meat website. From left to right, we have the bratwurst, hot italian, and sweet italian. I wanted to sample each of them entirely plain before adding the toppings or any kind of condiments.

The employee was right, they ARE mildly spiced. But, not in a bland way. It's more of a "my kids would definitely eat this" kind of way. The brat was spiced exactly like I remember bratwurst to be. It is 100% passable for meat. The hot italian definitely had a kick, but not so much that I was chugging water. Just a mellow kick (milder than, say, Soyrizo). The mild italian was definitely the most subtly flavored. The two italian sausages tasted just like the Daiya pizza sausage crumbles (which are also manufactured by Beyond).

Here's a shot of the inside. I was a little nervous when I read the word "casing" on this sausage. I thought it was going to end up having a "pop" when you bit into it, like an animal based casing. But, it didn't. It was just enough to hold everything together. The inside was very meaty. It didn't have that soy/gluten solid texture like Field Roast sausages. The outside crisped up nicely on their grill and the inside was left - dare I say - moist and juicy? (Sorry, those are awful words, but I can't think of anything else to describe it.) The one important thing to note is, they don't have that smoky flavor the burgers do. I love the burgers, don't get me wrong, but that flavor can be pervasive (and makes the house smell like Beyond Burgers for days). The sausages do NOT have that smoke additive. We sampled the brats at Expo West, at the Beyond Meat booth, and although delicious, they were not as good as what we had at WürstKuche. I definitely recommend grilling them to get that outside snappy! Beyond says that the sausages contain 16 grams of plant based protein, the casing is vegan, no GMOs are used, they are soy and gluten free, contain 12 grams of fat, and are made of pea, fava bean, and rice proteins. Full ingredient listing can be found here. These are going to be HOT when they hit shelves this spring. Based on how hard it can be to find the burgers, I would expect the same frustration in locating the sausages. So, get 'em while you can!

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